Why You Should Hire a Tax Lawyer?

Tax Attorney

Getting a notice from the IRS can be nerve-racking and can carry very heavy penalties. In fact, you may face tax evasion charges and even jail time if your errors are discovered. The good news is that you can hire a tax attorney in Mammoth Cave, KY to help you deal with these matters. Tax laws are complicated, and having an attorney by your side can help you to understand them and work towards getting a favorable outcome.

In 1988, there were 17 different fees the IRS could impose on taxpayers. Today, it’s possible to get over 75 tax-related letters from the IRS. Many of these letters can quickly escalate into serious problems. It is important to seek legal counsel immediately if you receive such a letter. Abatement is one way to challenge IRS fines and have them reduced or even eliminated entirely. If you’re unaware of the process, you can still challenge a fine by hiring a Tax Attorney.

A tax lien on a property does not disappear simply because the IRS has ceased collection efforts. You can fight it, however, by appealing to the IRS and showing the tax attorney that you disagree. If you have a sound reason for your nonpayment, the IRS will likely accept it. A fire department report, for example, will support your claim. If your appeal is unsuccessful, you may have to hire an attorney to fight the IRS on your behalf.

If you want to try an Offer in Compromise, you should talk to a Tax Attorney and explore other payment options. It’s possible to get up to 95% of your tax debt through this process, but it’s not for everyone. If you don’t qualify, you could face additional penalties and interest as a result. If you don’t qualify for an Offer in Compromise, you’ll have to pay a lot more money to the IRS in the long run, which is not going to be worth it.

A tax professional in Mammoth Cave can help you make informed decisions regarding your tax returns and help you avoid penalties and interest. By ensuring your tax return is in order, you’ll save 20 to 40% in debt. Contact a tax attorney to help you get the most favorable outcome for your situation. The best time to hire a Tax Attorney is when your taxes are due, so contact a Mammoth Cave tax team today to discuss your options.

You may be able to qualify for a Tax Relief Plan that will waive penalties and interest. The IDOR will review your application and grant you relief if your circumstances permit it. You must take action within the next 60 days if you think you are qualified for this program. This is the time to hire an experienced attorney who understands your tax situation and can help you with the process. So, get a Tax Attorney for your case today and start saving money tomorrow.

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